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Baylor Briefs 2019-2029

Ten fully developed affirmative cases on the Arms Sales Topic, negative case response briefs for each case; 7 powerful disadvantages; 1500 pieces of evidence from hard to find sources with more than 95% of evidence 2015 or later. Price: $39.95


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National Debate Handbook 2019-2020

Two volume set (Affirmative & Negative) on the Arms Sales Topic. Each volume contains a strategic overview, a comprehensive

index, 2000 pieces of evidence in each volume (4000 total); Almost all evidence 2015 or later; no evidence is duplicated in Baylor Briefs; Much of our evidence comes from  books rather than online sources. Price (2 Vol. set): $59.95

National Policy Debate Topic for 2019-2020

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.

The Negative Casebooks 2019-2020 on CD

Four volume set of briefs on the Arms Sales Topic (I. Harm,

II. Inherency, III. Disadvantages, and IV. Topicality);  Each volume is at least 40 pages long and contains 300  pieces of quality evidence. Available only on CD. Price (4 Vol. set on CD): $54.95

Kritik Killer CD 2019-2020

Over 500 pages of briefs answering the kritiks likely to appear on the Arms Sales Topic. The CD also contains PowerPoint series (suitable for classroom use) explaining kritik arguments and

how to defeat them. Price: $35.00